Cat​-​Astrophe: We're Not Kitten

by Penguin

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released July 30, 2013

Al - Guitar & Vox
Chicago - Guitar & Backing Vox
Santos - Bass & Backing Vox
Eli - Drumz

All songs written by Penguin

Recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks Studios on 7/25/12
Engineered by Matt Shane



all rights reserved


Penguin New York

100% queer grumpy transexual punx playing straight forward 90's inspired music. Catchy leads, harmonies, and at least one song about cats.

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Track Name: #1
She comes to me in dreams, like a voice inside my head
hanging in the air, like the faces of the dead
& If I had stopped and really listened to what she said
I never would have packed up my shit and left

It all ends in the same way
You get the call you'd better be on that train
and when the time comes
You'll have nothing left to say
Except, "No, please not today"

It's time you figured out what you say and what you do
may just influence the people around you
Despite all that you've seen and all you have been through
the reaction that you get won't be the one you wanted to

When I shut my eyes and try to block out all the sound
from the ringing in my ears, to the sentence you passed down
& if I could just find a way to write them out
find a way to change the script you bet I would know how
Track Name: Work
It's time to put this to bed, all the stupid ugliness
All the yelling and the screaming
I've been trying to catch my breath
It's a fucking waste, creating all this negative space
Our time is spent destroying what we built

And we end up alone, voices yelling watch out below
while the shit is flying right about our heads
and when the big one hits, you better be ready to deal with it
'cause no one's out there looking out for us.

Our work is never done, building something where nothing was
we build up our community, where respect is never good enough
and we all have to learn, to shut our mouths and wait our turn
Not waste our time infighting while we work
and maybe someday all this shit will cease to hurt

When will this end, all the stupid petty shit
the lip service that we pay to it,
the gun is still pressed to our heads
How to we re-create, something so thoroughly brought to waste
All our time is spent re-building what we killed.
Track Name: Up The Queer Punx
Coming down hard leave you begging for breath
we are the small band of kids the queers marked for death
if you're looking for a reason it's just the way that we live
and if you want to know the time you know we know what that is
It's not always easy being alone in the crowd
it's not always easy to be the one who's picked out
I don't see a reason to be shy about it now
fuck that other shit, here's a better reason to be proud

It'll never be enough
& I don't give a fuck
Up the, up the, up the queer punx!
Track Name: Lights Off
I'm so fucking sick of these shades of grey
while the girl I love is 4 blocks away
I can't help feeling just a little bit like a disaster
Every question I had asked before
just leaves me sinking further into the floor
& she don't even really know what she's after
Every time I said it I meant it
When you said this hurt you I felt it

Turn off, turn off the lights
saying goodbye but should be
saying goodnight
curling up alone, but could be
curling up with me
Turn off, turn off the lights
You said I did you wrong, so let me make it right
let me show you how good this love can be

It's been a long time since I've felt like this
& I can honestly say it's not something I missed
being lonely' s just so much less hard
And I really don't know what I'm supposed to do
I can't stop my self from making distance from you
we can work on this if you can find it in your heart
Every time I said it I meant it
When I thought you were leaving I

Every single second that I hold my breath
is a wasted moment that could have been spent
exhaling into your ear
It's in these moments that the future changed
you were stopping time 10,000 miles away
when you really should have been here

Gimme a change to clean up the mess I've made
and detail the prevention of future mistakes
I swear I can do better if you let me
Can we chalk it up to a trial run
I lost the race when I jumped the gun
I'll be more patient next time if you'll have me
Track Name: Not Finished
I'm feeling this amazing connection 
and I'm not trying to leave just yet
You know it's vital that you make the distinction
that you know what you want but you take what you get
I got a brand new outlook
and I got amazing friends
I've got a key to the city and I got to where I'm at
But, I'm not finished yet

I can't tell if it's the start or it's the end
I'm just waiting (yeah)
I'm just waiting for my real life to begin

I can sense your urgent devotion
to the sad loss, longing for the life you had
I wish so hard I could have seen this coming
that I could have stood up
and fucking been a grown up then
I've got, like, 46 dollars
and I got a master plan
I've got a key to the city and I got to where I'm at
But, I'm not finished yet

These things are not the way we left them
this room is stale and re-arranged
I'd have bet a life time on never coming back here
you only can't go home
because home won't be the same
I got, like, 46 dollars
and I got amazing friends
I've got a key to the city and I got to where I'm at
But, I'm not finished yet

I'm just waiting for my real life to begin